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We're not just in this game for the business or the rock and roll lifestyle ;) We are enthusiasts, we know the history, the reference points, the luminaries and cultural relevances. So dont ask us any questions unless you want to be bored to death. 

The ‘Stay Wild Stowe hood Melange Fleece’ draws its inspiration once again from our collective, collection of vintage outerwear, taking cues from Patagonia, Sprayway and some very old Henri Lloyd.

This is a fully functioning, technical outdoor piece.

The shell is our own development, made of warm and durable heavyweight polyester fleece for soft, next-to-skin insulation whether it’s worn as outerwear or layered under a shell.

The collar fabric itself is something very, very special indeed. It's coated and fully breathable, micro-ripstop kite fabric and is totally unique to UG!

The stow hood is a much heavier, super matt Nylon, giving a true utilitarian look. This type of fabric and texture mixing always comes from that lifelong love of all things outdoor and technical.

The technical details don’t stop there. This garment has so much ‘form follows function’ design, that it is a true-engineered piece. that were very proud of.

As well as all of the above it's the ultimate, versatile piece that is easy to stuff into your bag and lets you breath so you keep toasty outside, yet not overheating as you transition inside. 

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