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From the elite of the ‘Top Gun' Academy to Steve McQueen and just about every youth subculture you can think of, the MA-1 Bomber has never been far away and for good reason; its one of those jackets that makes you look good.

Our reinterpretation of this classic is a very special piece indeed. It has the best of the original's design functionality, but is represented in a totally contemporary way with a slimmer fit.

As you will know by now UG outerwear is something very special and the design, fabric, trim and construction is genuinely amongst the best in the world and the MA-1 Hurricane Bomber is no different. 

The shell is heavy duty, dry matt Nylon, with a military spec 'Onion Quilted' lining to keep you warm in the winter months. As always the trim is premium outdoor or military spec and the branding proves that this is a premium UG outerwear piece.

This is going to be a firm favourite amongst the UG team, especially the 'drivers', as its original design was created in the '50s specifically for the new jets that were more streamlined in design. Cockpits were cramped and filled with new equipment, so a sleek, lightweight yet warm jacket was needed for the new jet technology. So it's perfect for those winter driving sorties into enemy territory!


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