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So as UG develops and grows, we will tackle new garment groups and one we couldn't wait to get involved in was shirting.

As with everything we do here at UG we’ve taken this challenge very seriously indeed and we're properly excited with the results.

You know we're rather good at outerwear and actually there are a lot of similarities in the two design and development processes.  It therefore stands to reason that our shirts are going to be something a bit special, and rest assured they are.

The fabric on the Chambray vintage workwear shirt is absolutely stunning. It's developed on vintage looms so has a totally authentic vintage hand feel and is really heavyweight whilst still being incredibly soft.

It's something a bit special.

The design is based on vintage workwear pieces we’ve collected over the years.  All construction is in heavy-duty thread as all true workwear pieces should be. The fit is just right too and all trim is UG branded and matt limed. 

All of the shirts for AW17 have incredible attention to detail in the design and construction, such as side gusset reinforcement, triple needle stitching, seam taping and branded trim.

No single area has been ignored, it's premium quality design, construction and fabric all the way. 

To finish off the Chambray Shirt and give it that true authentic look and feel we’ve applied a vintage launder, so you shouldn't worry too much about ironing it, that's not the look!


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