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Right anybody who says this is The same as last seasons Flux Capacitor can meet us in the play ground after school! It very definitely is not. The fabrics have taken such a massive leap forward that it instantly brings to mind a Cabourn outerwear piece. As ever we have compromised on nothing in our pursuit of perfection. The shell is constructed from two different fabrics, the upper section is PU coated dry feel Ripstop and most notably the bottom section is now the same 14oz super high density laundered twill previously seen in our eponymous M65. 

All branding comes in only the finest real leather and there are reverse coil lower zips on the side entry lower pockets, and that same genuine technical design aesthetic and trim. This includes super heavy duty shock cord for the hood, waist and hem, all adjustable so you'll be fully prepped for the worst the winter has to throw at you.

Now let's cut to the chase, what make this a very special piece indeed is that super heavy real down quilted lining is the same matt coated dry touch ripstop kite fabric as the Stonemasters jacket.

The more technically minded amongst you will have noticed something a bit special about the quilted liner as it moves into the hood. It's a design touch we're very proud of here at UG and we’re sure that it's going to be copied but not bettered by many other brands. Essentially it allows the outer hood to be separate from the down liner, this allows the shell of the hood to dry much more efficiently if it does get wet; it's a trick used in military applications. 

The important thing is it just looks really good when the hood is down because it has that layered look. A very, very nice and unique outerwear piece this, one that were very proud of.

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