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Bright lights and neon nights is the influence for the artwork on our brand new 'Uniformes Argon Crew'.

The big news is the new design for the garment especially the inserted neck Vs both front and back, and ‘THAT’ fabric. Its in a completely different league to AW16, trust us its the best melange loopback fabric you’ll find anywhere on the planet!

As always with UG we're never satisfied with standing still and have spent many development hours creating this new heavy-weight mélange, premium loopback jersey.

The fabric was developed from an original vintage college sweat we managed to beat the Japanese vintage hunters to, one very early morning at the Rose Bowl market in California, so it has an incredibly authentic look and feel.

As always the print is the most expensive discharge, in a subtle ecru and we're not about to drop our signature irreverent pocket positioning.

Finally the garment construction uses the same techniques as original Japan-only crew necks of the late '50s. The colour's super subtle, with a vintage feel that finishes this premium jersey piece to perfection. 

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