BROMPTON BW from Uniformes Generale on Vimeo.
1971 Down Lined Hoody from Uniformes Generale on Vimeo.
1971 Down Lined Hoody

‘Is it a premium super heavy jersey hoodie with vintage nickel No:8 zip… Or is it a real down micro puffa hooded jacket? Well, its both actually and all the better for it. Hood aperture is disconnected from fleece outer to give that layered look.

Its just one of those pieces that you put on & think ‘Why has no one every made a garment like this before?’ One we are sure will be imitated but never bettered…’
BOXPARK from Uniformes Generale on Vimeo.

In addition to the social media & email teaser push promoting our first ever collection ‘AW14’ to be launched on 29/08/14 available from our website & selected menswear accounts worldwide. We will also be presenting the whole collection during ‘Launch week’ at BOXPARK 1/09/14 until 7/09/14.
‘Launch Week’ is the first opportunity for the press to come & see the product & meet the team & ask any questions they can think of, but importantly ‘Launch week’ is for you to come down & be the first people anywhere world wide to actually see & indeed buy the launch collection. This is a very special opportunity for a small group you to get your hands on a few items prior to retail availability anywhere else!
Stay Wild from Uniformes Generale on Vimeo.
Uniformes Generale Promo Video. Stay Wild.
‘As far back as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with Hergé’s Tintin and the creature known as Bigfoot. So why not combine those twin passions into one bizarre t-shirt graphic I hear you ask? No problem, here you go. For me, Hergé is a god among men. I could never come close to his level of artistry, but I had a good crack at inking this one in his style. If you read Tintin In Tibet, you’ll spot the genesis of this design It’s also a nod to the famous Patterson-Gimlin film of ‘67 shot in Bluff Creek, California that may, or may not, show a Sasquatch strolling across a creek bed. Perhaps there’s a ‘Squatch out there now, strolling through the old growth timber looking for a sweet spot to make camp for the night… I truly, dearly hope so.’