So it's with great sadness that we have to announce that the 'Randomiser' has to GET BACK IN ITS BOX! enough is enough, so at 12 Midnight tonight the Quantum Menace will thankfully
grind to a halt!
So you still have the next few hours to push your F5 key to its limits and grab
that heavyweight piece from The SS16 'So Far So Good Collection'. 
Remember! Refresh, Refresh, Refresh...

‘Randomiser’ Insider tip of the day. 

You can put multiple items into your basket, ready to go, then sit back and watch the ‘Randomiser’. When you see the price that you fancy, either by looking at the garment pages or your checkout,  the second you hit the checkout button thats the price you’ll pay. It doesn’t matter how long you then take to fill in your customer details or anything else for that matter, because even if the ‘Randomiser' changes, you still pay the price that you chose when you hit the checkout button. Simple and risk free.

Refreshing your F5 key are ya? yeah, Trying to get a better price are ya? looks like it an' all!

The 'Randomiser’ is now operating... And remember Refresh, Refresh, Refresh..

This time discounts could be 40% for as long as 30 minutes or if your really lucky 80% for as little as 2 minutes, the truth is we just don’t know.

If you didn't know, 'The Randomiser' is our nifty bit of web-wizardry that allows us to randomly discount our product and each discount only sticks around for a short spell, before the next 
discount is applied.

And some of the discounts can be pretty serious!

Whether the discount rises, or falls next, no one knows and therein lies the fun. The 'Stick or Twist' element if you like, or the 'Look what you could have won moment'. Will you 'take the gamble' that the next discount will be greater than what you’re being offered, or will you be content that you’re picking up that piece you’ve had your eye on for less than you were going to pay.

The discounts are 'The Randomiser’s'. The choices are all yours.

Good luck to ya! See ya round yeah!

*Please note: Loyalty & discount codes are invalid while sales and other discount promotions are running.

UG Team
UG Team


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