The UGAW15 'Hkerdelic Collection' now at 60% off....

The UGAW15 ‘Hikerdelic Collection’ is something very special indeed and to get your hands on any item at 60% off is the bargain of the season. As ever we place a great deal of importance on looking after our ‘UGLC’ Members. So from today you have exclusive private access to the 'UG Loyalty Club' Mid Winter Preview Sale with 60% off the entire UGAW15 ‘Hikerdelic Collection’.

As long as you are logged in you will see a completely exclusive set of UG Loyalty club prices, where every item is now 60% off.

We’re not forgetting about the general public either, as from Friday 22nd January they will have 40% off the entire UGAW15 ‘Hikerdelic Collection’.

All you need to do is REMEMBER TO LOG IN!

After the madness of the ‘Randomiser' weekend were getting very low on styles as well as sizes. So don't hang about!

 Cheers from all of UG team.


Please Note: Standard UG Loyalty Club codes and other discount codes are not valid whilst Sales are running. Please do not attempt to enter these at checkout.



UG Team
UG Team


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