The 'Randomiser' is back! Refresh, Refresh, Refresh


Refresh, Refresh, Refresh.

It's time to flip the switch once again. So crack those knuckles, check your F5 key is working
and dig in for the long haul. 
The 'Randomiser' is stirring and there are bargains to be had
once again, from
 12.00pm tomorrow.

'The Randomiser' is our nifty bit of web-wizardry that allows us to randomly discount our product and each discount only sticks around for a short spell, before the next discount is applied.
And some of the discounts can be pretty serious! 

Whether the discount rises, or falls next, no one knows and therein lies the fun. The 'Stick or Twist' element if you like, or the 'Look what you could have won moment'. Will you 'take
the gamble'
that the next discount will be greater than what you’re being offered, or will
you be content that you’re picking up that piece you’ve had your eye
on for less than you were going to pay.

The discounts are 'The Randomiser’s'. The choices are all yours.

We're now starting to sell out in many sizes and some styles, so don't hang about as the last few styles won't be around for long, good luck

See you at noon tomorrow.

*Loyalty & discount codes are invalid while sales and other discount promotions are running.

UG Team
UG Team


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