the 'randomiser' is back...

The ‘Randomiser' is back, just in time for Cyber Monday. After all, Cyber price meltdowns are what our metallic bargain slayer does best. Keep your eyes on the site from 8.30am this morning (30/11/15) and decide when to push the button on that heavyweight AW15 piece

To finish off 'UGAW15 Black Friday Weekend' the
‘Randomiser' is taking over for one day only, as usual nobody knows the discounts, or how long they’ll last, what we do know is that this will be your best chance yet to get that piece you’ve had your eye on. This is the essence of the ‘Randomiser' you've got to keep 'em peeled and be fast with those fingers!

If you’ve not heard of this infamous discount dealing machine we want to know
where’ve you been hiding?! But just for you, here’s a quick reminder:

Instead of standard sales, with discount added gradually to the end of the season this is all about playing a game of chance, taking a risk and holding your nerve, as sale items on
our site will go up and down like a fiddler's elbow!

All the discounts will be generated completely at random by (you guessed it) the ‘Randomiser’ - a clever bit of web-wizardry that randomly alters our discounts and timescales throughout the day.

Do you grab that jacket at the price it's at now, or wait and see if  the
‘Randomiser’ drops the price even lower later? The idea is you have a real chance of a super-bargain, but you'll need to play the game! Only the 'Randomiser' knows how long each price will last for, so you'll have to act quickly, or theres a real risk of missing out.

So keep 'em peeled and be fast with those fingers!

*Please note: Loyalty & discount codes are invalid while sales and other discount promotions are running.

UG Team
UG Team


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