PHASE 4 NOW Available…

As of last Thursday, UG Loyalty Club Members have had exclusive access to a link that allowed them to purchase the new drop before anyone else. But as of now it's on general release.

The gloves are off! From today until the end of November things start to get pretty serious from the UG Phase drops. As promised the really heavy duty styles will start to arrive and at a much
faster rate, every few days now, there's going to be something new. So keep your
eyes on our social media channels and your inbox. 

First we have the UGO012B Transitional Flux Capacitor Down Jacket. Now lets cut to the chase, what makes this a very special piece indeed is that super heavy real down quilted
lining in dry touch matt Nylon. 

The more technically minded amongst you will have noticed something a bit special about the quilted liner as it moves into the hood. It's a design touch we're very proud of here at UG and
we’re sure that its going to be copied but not bettered by many other brands. Essentially it
allows the outer hood to be separate from the down liner, this allows the shell of the hood
to dry much more efficiently if it does get wet, it's a trick used in military applications. 

The important thing is it just looks really good when the hood is down because it has that layered look. A very, very nice and unique outerwear piece this, that we're very proud of.

Don’t forget that the phase drops are going to get fast and furious between now
and the end of November.

We hope you like this drop, there's plenty more to come!

Cheers the UG Team

UG Team
UG Team


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