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We know theres a lot of ‘Randomiser’ fans out there, and we know we promised you a big blow out right at the end of the season. So for all you ‘Randomiser’ fans as promised heres the final one of SS15.

The ‘Randomiser’ is back at 9.30am this morning and this time it’s threatening to be more out of control than ever. Whether it’s the effects of a long hot summer or it's just flipped a
chip we don’t know.

We do know that before it goes in for its annual service, it’s going to dish out the discounts
once more and sparks are going to fly!

This time discounts could be 40% for as long as 30 minutes or if your really lucky 80% for as little as 2 minutes, the truth is we just don’t know. But we have a feeling that some
of them are going to be big. This is the essence of the 'Randomiser'
you've got to keep 'em peeled and be fast with those fingers!

If you’ve not heard of this infamous discount dealing machine we want to know
where’ve you been hiding?! But just for you, here’s a quick reminder:

Instead of standard sales, with discount added gradually to the end of the season this is all about playing a game of chance, taking a risk and holding your nerve, as sale items on
our site will go up and down like a fiddler's elbow!

All the discounts will be generated completely at random by (you guessed it) the ‘Randomiser’ - a clever bit of web-wizardry that randomly alters our discounts and timescales throughout the day.

Do you grab that jacket now or wait and see if it'll still be available should the ‘Randomiser' go lower later? The idea is you have a real chance of a super-bargain, but you'll need to play the
game! You won't know when it'll be happening and as soon as it does you have to
act quickly or risk missing out.

Are. You. Ready?

*Please note: Loyalty & discount codes are invalid while sales and other discount promotions are running.

UG Team
UG Team


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