This week I was going to start to tell you about UG SS15 Phs 2, dropping 10th April,  just a few written bits and pieces to get the juices flowing before a visual feast of new ‘Get ups’  and new product teasers, starting today with this emailer!

Then I got sidetracked when I saw this piece by Mark Smith over at Proper and thought 'Well what's the bloody point!' So just have a read of what he thinks about us, our brand and most importantly our product. He's not bad at this writing lark really. 

To see what I mean get your cerebral cortex round this little lot below…
by Mark Smith

I’ll declare an interest from the outset. I’ve been chipping in my two-penneth for this brand recently, helping them with one or two things. So while you could say this neutralises any objectivity I may have, I’d argue it also gives me a better understanding than you as to what goes into making it what it is. Not meaning to be confrontational there, mate. But it does. And if you want to argue about it I’ll see you behind the bikesheds at break. No tools.

While some brands benefit from benefactors and others start tiny and eventually, after years of slog become self-funding, Uniformes Generale presents something a bit different. Although they still produce highly limited stuff, their ambition means they won’t be hanging around for people to slowly fall in love with their gear. Having witnessed first hand the mix of people behind the brand, I’ve had a genuinely eye-opening insight into the drive and talent required to just carve out a chance of being a success. There’s a wealth of combined experience, but also an admission
that even with years of practice, every day is still a learning day. They never stop though.

In particular Adam Creed seems to be like a human version of the Olympic flame. Constantly on the move and hard to keep pace with, always wanting to go to the next stage and crucially, burning (almost dangerously) bright. He’ll love all this, btw.

You only need to check out #uniformesgenerale on social media to see that pretty much everyone who got onboard with the brand last season is well happy with what they’ve bought. In 2015, brands have to acknowledge things like tone of voice, and visual language. There’s a PR game to be played. But it helps immensely when your actual product is really good.And it’s even better
when it’s priced very well indeed.

This season is split into three drops, the second of which is due very soon. Just in time for the clocks going forward (in a couple of weeks). But for now, there’s more than enough to chew on in their Phase 1 selection. Notably, we’re still very much in jackets and layering season. It is March, after all. Yet there are Spring vibes in there too, with surfadelic tees and preppy sweats. Some of it appears to have sold out already. Other brands play on being limited, yet produce more than Uniformes Generale do.

Head to their website to see more, and watch this space for about a million things the brand is doing in the next 20 minutes. They’re quite literally never not working.

Using phrases like 'Special Projects' sounds a bit clandestine doesn’t it? Like loads of men in dark glasses working for the government are involved. It's nowhere near as underground as that though, it's just our way of denoting this product is something a little different. We think it's worthy of that 'special' title actually. 

It's based on our well-received Standard Zip Hoodie, but we've evolved it into something else, and styled a clean simple discharge print stripe. It's just the right width and in just the right irreverent position. Not content with that design feature alone, we've then brought a element of outerwear technology into the fray, with heavy duty climbing cord present on the hood. Simply put, this is a premium classic, with a subtle update. Ideal for pretending you're about to fight Mr Creed, and we don't mean our own Adam.

This one is all about that fabric, and its such a heavy premium fabric you’d swear it was a sweat shirt with no sleeves. It’s not though, it’s a T shirt. 

The fit is precise and again there no skimping on anything, as the print is discharge. Again with the irreverent pocket positioning. We have taken this already incredible style and developed it further, with added neck overlock detail and external branding bottom left hand side. We've also given it the coolest lotech artwork out there.

Arguably the best t-shirt in the collection, certainly in terms of fabric and genuinely new print applications it is head and shoulders above most tees you'll find at this price.

We recreated this fabric from an original 50s jersey bought in Tokyo. It's really, heavy and this coupled with the details such as chest pocket, side vents and overlocked neck V make it a very special item indeed. And that’s before we have even mentionad the artwork. Inspired by the very first hand painted fibre glass surf boards of the 50s we created the original artwork by hand with brushes. 

Definitely one of the styles already earmarked by a number of the UG team for our SS wardrobes.

The Kinney jogger is premium loopback with ecru draw string waist, these look set to be a popular look for SS15 and we love them. What short could be easier for chucking on in the summer? It’s a classic but updated.



UG Team
UG Team


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