Believe it or not we’re actually starting to run low already on certain styles from the UG SS15 Collection, so we thought it was probably a good idea to give you a little heads up as to which styles and why. 

As you're probably aware we have an insanely passionate following in Russia also it seems there's rather a lot of them as well. Also there's a bit of a kerfuffle kicking off in Korea! Believe it or not lifestyle and fashion wise the Koreans are becoming absolute connoisseurs of the best product from around the globe and they’d rather not eat than not have the latest and greatest brands & it seems that we're the flavour of the month. 

As a result of all this madness we seem to be constantly DHLing product to these two countries, its probably around 80% of what we're despatching each week! It was totally unexpected and has depleted some styles to the point where we're concerned that we will not be able to serve other markets including the UK in the very near future. 

So we decided to quickly let you know which styles are starting to sell out. Have a look below and don't hang about! Or maybe buy a few items and sell them at an over inflated price to our Russian or Korean cousins.. PS That was a joke, please don't do that!

Cheers from the UG Team

The Cali Shell Jacket is this season's premier piece. As ever we have compromised on nothing in our pursuit for perfection. The shell is constructed from two different fabrics, the upper section is PU coated dry feel Ripstop and the lower section is laundered soft touch cotton.

All branding comes in only the finest real leather and the internals are a perfectly practical mix of mesh and heavy jersey, in salt and pepper mélange. This mix is all conceived with a keen eye on breathability. but the most important thing is of course that the jacket is just cool as! 

It’s a shorter, summer weight take on the Flux Capacitor jacket, with reverse coil lower zips on the side entry lower pockets and that same genuine technical design aesthetic and trim. This includes super heavy duty shock cord for the hood, waist and hem, all adjustable so you'll be fully prepped for our indecisive British summer.

The ‘Uniformes pocket sweat’ was such a massive hit last season, it seemed like a really rather good idea to sprinkle some of that low-tech subversive preppy magic onto one of our favourite classics. We love it, and judging by feedback, you do as well don’t you? Another one ideal for asking Father Carmine for some last minute blessings. 

This one is all about that fabric. Biiiiiig salt and pepper melange, and such a heavy premium fabric you’d swear it was a sweat shirt with no sleeves. It’s not though, it’s a T shirt. 

The fit is precise and again there no skimping on anything, as the print is discharge. Again with the irreverent pocket positioning. We have taken this already incredible style and developed it further, with added neck overlock detail and external branding bottom left hand side. We've also given it the coolest lotech artwork out there.

arguably the best t-shirt in the collection, certainly in terms of fabric and genuinely new print applications it is head and shoulders above most tees you'll find at this price.

We recreated this fabric from an original 50s jersey bought in Tokyo. It's really, heavy and this coupled with the details such as chest pocket, side vents and overlocked neck V make it a very special item indeed. And that’s before we have even mentionad the artwork. Inspired by the very first hand painted fibre glass surf boards of the 50s we created the original artwork by hand with brushes. 

Definitely one of the styles already earmarked by a number of the UG team for our SS wardrobes.

This graphic is pretty straight forward! some heavyweight initials, flying the UG flag, it has echoes of old fashioned ‘Hot Metal’ letterpress glyphs, it was actually inspired by some letters on a vintage matchbook, bold as brass in black on white.






UG Team
UG Team


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