Bloodhound SSC

You'll know by now we're keen on a head turning offer here at UG.

The latest promotion will see all orders over £150 become part of a unique and ambitious British engineering project which we can't help but support.

Bloodhound SSC is a jet and rocket powered car designed to reach speeds of 1000mph. It has a slender body and weighs 7.5 tonnes. The engines produce more than 135,000 horsepower which is six times more than a combined F1 starting grid.

Their project is funded by donations. What we're proposing is that if you spend £150 or more, we'll donate £15 towards the Bloodhound Project which will also result in your name being added to the tailfin of this ambitious piece of engineering and design.

It's a Boys' Own style story to us. From the heroic RAF pilot Andy Green who will take the wheel to the sheer world-beating engineering excellence involved.

All you have to do is use the code '1000mph' when you place an order of over £150. We'll then make sure a personalised certificate is emailed to you as proof of your contribution. And not only do you get an ace bit of UG at our ever-competitive prices, but you also get the bonus of being a small part in what could be a history making feat.

Heres a look at the car that aims to reach 1000mph with the one and only Chris Harris

For more information head to the Bloodhound Project website.


UG Team
UG Team


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