Dan Connoisseur: Favourite Wallabees.

When asked to do a Top Five list I always come back with at least six, that's not me being awkward, I just can't decide to be honest. Even then, it's not a definitive list, it's just 5, or 6 favourites.

Unlike certain trainer models which come and go and come back again, the Clarks Wallabee is one shoe that has surpassed all trends and fads, it's an instant classic. Developed by Lance Clark in 1967 and still constructed around it's original nature form last, it's a shoe that has been released pretty much every season since it was first made. I could go on about how cool they are, the history and 'social importance' of them and all that stuff. But, there's no need to, that's all been done before, they're just a dead nice, comfortable shoe that look good with anything and can be worn any time. Several brands have done their take on it, some superb, some crazy, some shite, that's what I like though, it's a shoe that geeky filmmakers, East Coast rappers, trendy Dads and smelly breathed English teachers all favoured, they are universally accepted, worn with jeans, strides, shorts and even suit trousers, they just work, that's what makes them cool.

The best for me is the classic original style, suede, always suede. I've got quite a few colours of this shoe, too many to be honest, but if it aint broke...it's that original beige/sand colour that says 'Wallabee' to me more than anything else.

The Originals. 
1980's deadstock Wallabee made in Republic of Ireland.

The Goretex version.
A Wallabee made from makers of nice #COATS Nanamica, reassuringly expensive, had to have them.

The trendy alternative.
Weaver Moccasin Lark shoe, like a tougher, sturdier Wallabee that was made on Blue Peter with some pritt stick and wicker.

The Japanese version.
WTAPS Edge shoe, an ultra posh version, expensive, exclusive, same but different via Japan.

The Mancunian version.
Unicorn Wallabees in Wasabi and Dijon, Oi Polloi's take on them, made from the hides of a non existent animal. 

The blink and you'll miss it version.
Supreme boot in bright Orange and in a mock crocodile style, a bit different as you'd expect.

Dan 'The Casual Connoisseur' @danupmanship

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