Let's face it, Autumn is essentially a warning shot across the bows that winters on its way! So we thought it was probably a good time to show you our answer to mother natures most despicable wintery shenanigans! Exactly which one of these extraordinary outerwear pieces is right for you is for you to know & for us to find out. Every one is very special indeed. Whether it's the Borg lining & form follows function design of the incredible 'Flux capacitor' jacket, or the quilting AND Borg lining of the 'Typhoon Bomber' jacket, or last but not least why not feel the benefit of millions of years of evolution & make like a goose in one of our 'Down Lined Hoodies' or 'Genesis Light Down Funnel Neck'? Whichever you choose we can guarantee that you'll be as smug as a bug in a rug & giving a good natured archers salute to Höðr the Nordic God of winter whilst your at it. And don't forget, as we always say "Make sure you remember to take them off indoors or you won't feel the benefit!"
‘The Flux Capacitor Jacket sits proudly atop the pyramid that is UG AW14 Launch collection, with just about everything but the kitchen sink thrown at it. Not one, but 2 fabrics in the mix to give shower protection where its needed the most and a very nice laundered finish to compliment the beautiful vintage real leather trim. The shape has been sharpened up to give a contemporary fit. It’s no pretender either as it’s Borg lined & has super thick shock cord in all the right places to shut out the crippling winter winds. Make sure you remember to take it off indoors or you won't feel the benefit…’
‘Classic military outerwear brings out the hero in all of us & our update of the MA1 Bomber is no exception. Last season in Tokyo I kept seeing this style in the best vintage stores & styled up in the window of ’The Rugged museum’ in a kind of hybrid Ivy league ensemble. I remember thinking how fresh it made the MA1 look & made a mental note to develop our take on it. We updated ours with contrast sleeves, Borg lining & quilted the blinkin’ lot. If its good enough for our friends at
‘Free & Easy’ mag then its good enough for us… Classic!’

rob trigg
rob trigg


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