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Ahh the wheel.. Undoubtedly one of mans greatest achievements, that & fire & of course the trouser press. However my fascination with the wheel has never really centred on its practicalities, moreover on its ability to carry vehicles capable of creating such total joy, fear, excitement & a sense of freedom not easily found in any other area of life. I'm talking about bikes, skateboards, motorbikes & last but definitely not least cars. My earliest memories are of playing with match box cars on the floor & my attention to detail in the execution of skids, barrel rolls & general crashing was fastidious to say the least. My ability to perfectly recreate realistic oversteer in 1.43 scale was impressive & must have been picked up from somewhere, probably Starsky & Hutch & possibly The professionals later on I guess. 
This progressed to re-enacting horrifically fiery Motorsport disasters, which were a common sight in the early 70s, think Niki Lauda for example.. I did these re-enactments by towing a JPS F1 Lotus behind my bike pouring petrol on it & setting it alight, then riding along constantly looking back as the fire engulfed the vehicle whilst giving a full Murray Walker-esq commentary, total madness & if I thought my 9 year old was doing it today he’d be straight down the shrinks for a thorough bloody sort out! So I think from that very early age I associated anything with wheels, with excitement & danger. That association has constantly been strengthened throughout my life, first through bikes & eventually BMX which is where I first got to experience real danger, fear & probably for the first time the immense feeling of achievement when weeks, sometimes months of practicing the same trick over & over again finally paid off & you nailed the trick you had been trying so hard to master for the very first time! Quite a feeling that one & it's making me smile now just recalling & jotting it down.
This constant passion for pushing the boundaries of what a wheeled device is capable of has never abated, in fact if anything it's getting worse! I now race an old car & that I think is probably my true passion in as far as wheeled things go & with this bigger, faster & infinitely more dangerous passion comes that constant search for perfection of lines, the perfect heel & toe or left foot braking, not really any different to desperately trying to nail a new trick on my BMX or skateboard. I can't even simply get on a Brompton & ride it in a normal manner, there must be a wheelie, bunny hop or just out & out speed at some point in the journey. Childish some would say, but do you know what, I don't care, it’s simply too much bloody fun to stop…
‘The Flux Capacitor Jacket sits proudly atop the pyramid that is UG AW14 Launch collection, with just about everything but the kitchen sink thrown at it. Not one, but 2 fabrics in the mix to give shower protection where its needed the most and a very nice laundered finish to compliment the beautiful vintage real leather trim. The shape has been sharpened up to give a contemporary fit. It’s no pretender either as it’s Borg lined & has super thick shock cord in all the right places to shut out the crippling winter winds. Make sure you remember to take it off indoors or you wont feel the benefit…’
Click the link above to watch a great video tour of the Brompton factory in West London, all Brompton bikes are made here by their team of brazers, engineers and assemblers.
We made a short promo video whilst we were doing our Brompton photoshoot,
click above to take a look...
We'd like to give special thanks to both Brompton
Harry Halls Cycles  for their help & involvement in this feature.

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rob trigg


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