Hello to all of our UG customers. We are pleased to announce that the Phs 2 drop of UG SS16 'The So Far So Good’ collection is now available on general release.

UG SS16 pushes us onwards to the next level both in terms of design philosophy and quality of fabrics and make. The inspirations from a design perspective are there for all to see from the
'Tokyo scene' Indigo inspired pieces, through ‘Monochrome’ that has more than a cursory
nod to our Scandinavian casual cohorts from Copenhagen and Stockholm, and last but
definitely not least the amazing 90s ‘Henri Lloyd’ & ‘Berghaus’ inspired outerwear
pieces from our UG historical archive. All have been fed into the UG design machine
and mixed up with a healthy dose of ‘Gonzo’ juice! The result is a perfectly eclectic
modern day masterpiece that we know you're going to go mental over….

We hope you like Phs 2

Cheers the UG Team

UG Team
UG Team


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