2001: A Space Odyssey

Strangely I had already started researching images from 2001 prior to the ‘Kubrick thread’ starting to appear here on the blog, so I guess all here at UG must be subconsciously mentally attuned or something like that… I Probably just heard someone talking about it, forgot and then stole the idea for myself? Anyway this has to be one of the most visually arresting movies ever made, the imagination & then meticulous… obsessive levels of detail execution are just mind boggling. Mind you if you've witnessed the ‘Kubriks Boxes’ post by Rob you get a pretty good idea what type of mind it takes to create a masterpiece like this… If anyone ever hears of this being scheduled to play on the big screen please let us know.


I'd never seen these incredible ‘Behind the scenes’ shots taken during filming. Note the presence of co writer Arthur C. Clarke…



If James Cameron says its ’The all time greatest science fiction movie’ then you know its not bad!


UG Team
UG Team